Why May Recruiters Contact You?

More commonly than not, when you show yourself on business platforms such as LinkedIn, you will have recruiters reaching out to you. Today, we are going to share with you the reasons why recruiters may contact you.

They Want To Work With You
The most common reason why recruiters will contact you is that they want to work with you. They will have likely seen your work and your personality on your business profile, so them contacting you shows they’re interested in working alongside you and know people who would enjoy having you working for them.

Your Job Is Sought After
On your business profile, you are likely to have your current job displayed. This will show what you are skilled in. You will notice that more recruiters begin contacting you when your job is sought after. This means that there are not many people skilled within your area, so many companies want to work with you for higher prices than what you are being paid.

They Want To Waste Your Time
Sometimes, recruiters don’t always want the best for you. Unfrotnutaly, they are sometimes just there to waste your time and keep you chatting for their own benefit. These are normally people who are posing as recruiters and not actual recruiters. This is unfortunate if you do meet one of these people as you may be scammed out of your job. Just be wary when talking to recruiters and always ask to speak to the employer first.

These are just a few of the reasons why recruiters may contact you on business platforms like LinkedIn. For the most part, they have good intentions for you, but it is always important to speak directly with the employer to ensure you are receiving the best deal and your skills aren’t being oversold.

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