Will Recruiters Find Me a Job?

Finding a job that is right for you can be extremely challenging. Most people don’t even know where to begin looking. What if we told you that working alongside recruiters is going to make your life so much easier?

If you are currently in employment but looking for a new job, speaking to recruiters is going to help you massively. Recruiters have contacts within many different industries with multiple businesses, meaning when these companies are looking to hire someone new, they will go to these recruiters who are likely to find them someone who fits their company perfectly quickly. So, if you get your name in with any recruiters, you will find they are contacting you about various job roles they think will be an excellent fit for you. Making it possible for you to find your new dream job at a faster pace. Saving you the time and effort of constantly sitting on job sites applying for jobs that you never hear back from.

Can I Stop Recruiters Contacting Me?

Day to day life can become annoying when you are inundated with phone calls from recruiters trying to gain you employment for different companies. This is why you may be wondering if you can stop it.

The truth is, you can stop recruiters from contacting you, but it is going to be challenging. The best thing you can do is answer when they call and make them aware that you are currently not looking for work but will be in touch when you next require their service. This tends to be the best method for stopping the calls you are receiving. However, this is going to be a long process as some recruiters may still find you and still contact you, but a little nudge will help the calls to reduce.

Just remember, if you are still looking for work, you can let the recruiter know but be more specific with your requirements. This helps the contact to only be when something suitable pops up for you.

How Could Recruiters Contact You?

Recruiters have a very unique way of contacting people that they believe they would be able to find a job for. So, here are some of the ways you may be contacted by a recruiter.

One of the most common ways to be contacted by a recruiter is on LinkedIn messenger. Recruiters use LinkedIn to find people who have experience in certain industries. They will then connect with you and contact you to persuade you to take a job they have going. This can be annoying for some people, but it can help others to find their dream job.

Phone Calls
Another way recruiters may contact you is by phone call. This will generally happen if you have your phone number on your profile or your website. They will ring you to discuss jobs they have going. Again this can be annoying if you want to get on with your day and are being bombarded with calls from recruiters.

Why May Recruiters Contact You?

More commonly than not, when you show yourself on business platforms such as LinkedIn, you will have recruiters reaching out to you. Today, we are going to share with you the reasons why recruiters may contact you.

They Want To Work With You
The most common reason why recruiters will contact you is that they want to work with you. They will have likely seen your work and your personality on your business profile, so them contacting you shows they’re interested in working alongside you and know people who would enjoy having you working for them.

Your Job Is Sought After
On your business profile, you are likely to have your current job displayed. This will show what you are skilled in. You will notice that more recruiters begin contacting you when your job is sought after. This means that there are not many people skilled within your area, so many companies want to work with you for higher prices than what you are being paid.

They Want To Waste Your Time
Sometimes, recruiters don’t always want the best for you. Unfrotnutaly, they are sometimes just there to waste your time and keep you chatting for their own benefit. These are normally people who are posing as recruiters and not actual recruiters. This is unfortunate if you do meet one of these people as you may be scammed out of your job. Just be wary when talking to recruiters and always ask to speak to the employer first.

These are just a few of the reasons why recruiters may contact you on business platforms like LinkedIn. For the most part, they have good intentions for you, but it is always important to speak directly with the employer to ensure you are receiving the best deal and your skills aren’t being oversold.

Meeting Someone in Person as a Recruiter

Many recruitment consultants are under enormous time pressure and as such, they won’t have the time to meet every candidate before they put them forward for a role. As a recruiter, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. You won’t be able to really understand who a person is and what they are all about unless you meet them, and this will reflect badly on you to your clients.

When you think somebody may be suitable for a role, you can hold a telephone conversation with them first. Once this has happened and you are happy, you should then invite them into the office. Explain that this is an important step, where you can get to know them a little and make sure you match them with suitable positions. Candidates will like that your service is more personal. You can also use this opportunity to collect personal details and register your candidate with the agency.

Is Recruitment Good Value for Money?

Recruitment services can be very valuable for businesses of all sizes if you are finding that you need help with recruitment. This could mean anything from recruiting for an individual position to staffing a whole new department. If you don’t have time to put into your recruitment, then your business is going to struggle.

When you are looking for recruitment support, then you need to check that the agency you are talking to can provide what you need. If you find a service that can take care of everything you require, then you are automatically going to get better value for money. Working with an agency should be a productive relationship on both sides, giving you the vital support you need to find the right staff for your business. A recruitment consultant will be experienced in your industry and will be able to target your job search towards suitable candidates.