Perfecting Your CV in the New Year

For many people, a new year is a time for a new start. This means looking for a new job, which also means you will need to have your CV perfected and up-to-date. Your CV is the first thing a potential employer will see,  so it is a key selling tool.  It needs to show  your core skills that make you employable, while giving insight into your attitude and personality too.

When writing your CV,  start by showing your most recent experience.  This is the experience most relevant to potential employers. Make sure you go into detail about all of your key duties and what they show about you, and your work ethic.  Further down your CV,  you can also include hobbies and interests to get your personality across. Make sure this is done in such a way so as to make you sound professional still, while also showing you are a well rounded person.

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