Teaching Positions in Huntingdon

Inspiring young people’s minds is a vocation, with teachers training for a minimum of three years to gain their teaching qualification. But once the qualification has been obtained, the tricky matter of finding a teaching job begins.
As with all industries, a recruitment agency is a great idea for all job seekers out there. It not only lets you browse the teacher vacancies Huntingdon at your own convenience, you’ll also get to hear about vacancies first, be matched to suitable jobs and have the opportunity of finding out about supply teaching if you decide a permanent role isn’t quite right at the moment or if just want to get started as soon as possible.

Finding a recruitment agent who will take the time to get to know you, your skills and your teaching style is a worthwhile exercise. It means they will only put you forward for teacher vacancies Huntingdon that you’ll excel in and you won’t be bombarded with information about unsuitable jobs. They’ll also be able to personally recommend any training courses or professional development you could undertake to help you secure your dream job. If they’re offering you supply work, they’ll never put you under any pressure to accept assignments and if you refuse one assignment you won’t be blacklisted for any others. Continue reading

Use the Web to Find a Job

If you are in the process or considering looking for a new job then there are plenty of places that you can use to start your search. The internet is often the most popular choice when it comes to job hunting and this is because it is updated regularly with new jobs. Often it is also pretty easy to apply for a position as you can upload a copy of your CV and submit directly to the agency or employer.

If you haven’t got the time to scour the endless list of vacancy’s on the jobs sites then why not register with a recruitment agency or perhaps even a few. They will search jobs for you and contact you if they fins any that they think you may be suitable for.

They often do not charge a fee to do this as they charge the employer for referring you to them if they decide to employ you.

Changing Your Career

careerIf you have been in the same career for a number of years then it can be very hard to make the move to something else. Many people train for years to get in to the job they want, but for a number of reasons they may need to change career path at some point in their life.

Recent statistics have shown that a number of teachers are looking to move away from teaching in to other career options as the stress and pressure they are under can become too much. After working for much of their life in one career, looking to move in to something else can be very daunting.

When exploring this option, you need to be able consider what skills and experience you have as when applying for jobs you may find that you are up against people that already have experience or qualifications in that sector. Finding jobs that are similar to what you already do may help your chances of landing them, but you need to be sure that it is a move in to the career you want otherwise you will find yourself in the same situation a few months, or year down the line.

Supply Teacher Jobs in Scunthorpe

The education industry has undergone several changes over the past few years partly due to technological advancements that lay work for platforms like virtual learning environments. However, many things still remain fairly the same and this is so even for sophisticated regions like Scunthorpe. The role of a supply teacher for instance has barely changed and finding supply teacher jobs Scunthorpe vacancies should not be a daunting task. However, it important to understand the full job description of a supply teacher and expectations as well as challenges particularly if you hope to find a job in large cities like Scunthorpe.
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Finding Temp Work

business-card-1015365_1280If you are looking for a temporary job to tide you over for a few months, then now is the time. It may be that you have a new job lined up for the New Year or you are planning on moving away and so therefore cannot take on anything permanent.

With Christmas just around the corner, there are hundreds of retailers and businesses calling out for Christmas staff. This may involve working weekends and late nights when the shops are open to accommodate Christmas shopping or even working Christmas day, Boxing Day and New Year if working in a restaurant for example.

There is often a large number of temp jobs available around this time of year but there are also a lot of people applying for them as you often have students who have finished uni for the year who are looking for a way to earn some extra money before they go back. Get your applications in early and apply for as many as possible to secure the temp job you need.



Networking Your Way to the Best Teaching Jobs

network-1020016_1280There is an oft-given advice, that ‘you ought to do what you love,’ something that has become particularly relevant to the education profession where people are required to commit to several years of study and experience in order to secure a financially satisfying job. Even with the papers, however, it is no guarantee that you have unrestricted access to secure education jobs. To save you the hustle, here is a simple way of networking your way to some of the secure and financially rewarding teaching opportunities.

Recruit new people to your network constantly

Treat each moment you meet new people as an opportunity to expand your professional network. It may seem hopeless from the onset but is a step that will surely help you in the long run. If there is a platform that grants you access to people with similar interests, take the chance to tell them of your skills and experiences. Learn everything that you can about their jobs and leverage from their strengths. At the end, be sure to establish a lasting relationship with the few that you consider important by asking for their business cards or alternative means of maintaining contact.

Include counsellors and professors in your network

As a new teacher, you may feel utterly lacking when it comes to network connections. This happens because you either ignore or forget the contacts that you may have established earlier in college. Such networks are not meant for dissolution the moment you get out of college. Instead, keep in touch with your professors and counsellors because at some point they may have an opportunity that requires someone with your particular skills, training and experience.

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