Can I Stop Recruiters Contacting Me?

Day to day life can become annoying when you are inundated with phone calls from recruiters trying to gain you employment for different companies. This is why you may be wondering if you can stop it.

The truth is, you can stop recruiters from contacting you, but it is going to be challenging. The best thing you can do is answer when they call and make them aware that you are currently not looking for work but will be in touch when you next require their service. This tends to be the best method for stopping the calls you are receiving. However, this is going to be a long process as some recruiters may still find you and still contact you, but a little nudge will help the calls to reduce.

Just remember, if you are still looking for work, you can let the recruiter know but be more specific with your requirements. This helps the contact to only be when something suitable pops up for you.

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