Are Creative CV’s the Way Forward?

A new trend in the employment world that employers are noticing are creative CVs, but are these truly the way forward?

A creative CV is essentially a normal CV but with some creative flair. This can be simply adding colour, adding a photo of yourself, or changing the layout slightly to look more unique. But is doing this to your CV worth the time and the way forward?

We believe that yes, creating a creative CV for yourself is the way forward. It is going to become the way forward as more people begin to share a creative CV with employers. We have found that you can be more likely to receive an interview or job offer if you have used a creative CV.

Think of it this way, what is going to impress you or an employer more? A CV that looks the same as everyone else’s, or a CV that has some creative flair?

Investing some of your time into producing a creative CV shows all employers that you’re dedicated. It allows you to add your own personality to your CV, giving the employer more of a feeling of who you are as a person.

However, saying this, just because you have a creative CV does not mean you will automatically be given a job. Creative CVs are being used more often than not, so there will be a fight between them all. It is not only the creativity, but the information included. Employers will still be looking at your experience, your education, and your personal statement. You want to ensure that these sell you just as much as you can sell yourself. Making it creative just gives you the extra one up on people who haven’t taken the time to make an impressive CV.

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