About Us

Welcome to Local Recruitment Services a site which exists to provide you with the knowledge you’ll need to survive in the current employment market. A job remains one of the most important parts of adult life. It impacts what you can buy and the manner in which you live, as well as being very important to your own sense of accomplishment and self worth. Finding out how you can better your career and move up in the world is therefore very important.

About Our Team

The contributors to this site are mainly just two of us; both of whom, put together, have experience in both training, team management and recruitment. We understand the employment market and what you need to do to get ahead, so we’re in a very good position to provide you with advice that you may find useful.

 Career Choice and Development

A job becomes a dream job, essentially, due to two factors; the sense of fulfilment it gives you, and the money it offers. The only way to get to the position that you can achieve both of these is through training; we teach you how you can take full advantage of your learning opportunities in order to get from a low positions to higher ones; attaining true career progression. This requires; getting your qualifications, developing your skills, creating greater trust in your abilities, and negotiating with employers. The knowledge of how to do all of this effectively is invaluable for ambitious individuals.

Developing your skills in order to advance your career requires you to either learn in your job or seek additional learning. Both of these have their advantages; seeking learning outside of your work often comes with qualifications, which means greater benefits for your career if you should choose to move to a different company; if you learn in your current job then the chances are that you’ll be given additional responsibilities over time, but these skills are also less transferable from job to job than a qualification.

Work With Recruiters

Businesses and job searchers both have a tendency to underestimate the value that recruiters have. To understand this, you need to understand their role; of course they want to get somebody in the position being offered in order to get paid, but most recruitment agencies depend upon on-going relationships, which means that they need to provide a high level of satisfaction. From the perspective of businesses this is a good thing thanks to it converting into properly vetted job enquiries. In order to do this effectively they need to understand the role being offered and how to determine whether or not an applicant matches that criteria. From the perspective of a job seeker, this converts into less time being wasted on job opportunities which will likely never materialise.

Recruitment agencies typically charge somewhere between 10-30% of the yearly wage of the employee they deliver on. This is clearly a pretty broad bracket of costs, but it varies based upon a number of factors besides greed. For instance, the wage can have a big impact on what amount of commission they ask for, and a continuous relationship with a recruitment agency will typically see prices decrease as well.


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